how it started

Who We Are

Nubes has infused Hispanic heritage into a female and veteran owned dispensary, truly making us a one of a kind dispensary. We aim to provide the largest selection possible to every customer. Our knowledgeable and compassionate Yerberas ensure that everyone receives top quality guidance from a professional who cares.

As a way to help local businesses recover financial losses sustained during the pandemic, we have allocated a substantial amount of our sales space to local vendors. With our mercado style dispensary, we also offer a wide array of locally crafted food and merchandise.    

Our flagship store is located in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

What Is a yerbera?

Influences of Yerberas come from a both Indigenous People & Spanish Roots. Aztec Pharmacology consisted of 1,200 medicinal herbs helping citizens with arthritis, gastrointestinalills, hepatitis, and more. One of the many plant based healers was marijuana.

Our Yerberas bring this ancient wisdom to the modern world. Talk with a Yerbera today to figure out what will help you most.